Nerdly Musing – 12: I should explain…

It’s been a while, I know. This past month or so has probably been one of the most turbulent in my life. I’m undergoing a monumental change regarding my working situation and as a result I’ve allowed the blog to slip, as well as participating in discussions/commenting on fellow bloggers’ pieces. This is the absolute last thing I wanted to happen. I owe it to all of you to explain what’s going on with me, and hopefully I can sort out a way to rectify the situation and keep providing content. So here it is:

I’m training to be a physics teacher!

I’ve been involved in the sphere of education since I graduated from university seven years ago. My first job was working for a company that provided science-themed after-school clubs, workshops, stage shows, even holiday camps and birthday parties to primary school children, all with the aim of sparking enthusiasm for science. It was awesome. I played with Van Der Graaff generators, dry ice, home-made flamethrowers, lasers, smoke machines, and all manner of badass equipment. Then, the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened, happened. I got promoted.

I became the Assistant Branch Manager, and all of a sudden my responsibilities changed. I did less awesome science, instead being required to sell clubs and workshops to the schools. And I sucked at it. Royally. I lasted 3 months of having my soul slowly stripped away by the company director who berated me for not meeting sales targets before I quit. It was a crying shame.

Still, the work I’d done before the promotion had inspired me. It’s a cliché I know, but watching students get their ‘penny-dropping’ moments was incredible. I knew teaching would be on the cards for me at some point in the future. Shortly after quitting I became a physics technician for a secondary school. All of the joy of getting to use all the cool equipment and showcase the amazing demonstrations, with none of the bureaucracy involved with teaching. I stayed in the role for four years and would probably still be doing it now if I didn’t need to provide for a young family. So a few months ago I made the decision. It’s about time I got a move on and started my training.

I started in September. Forget being thrown in at the deep end, it felt like being unceremoniously deposited at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. The lesson planning, tutorial responsibilities, initial training activities, meetings, skills tests, on top of raising a young family….it was an insane time. It still is. My days usually start at 5:30am and I’ve spent the past few weeks working until 11 at night. And as a result, I haven’t had the time or energy for uploading new content.

But there is hope. I’m not giving up. I’ve loved writing my Nerdly Musings and reviewing indie games, and have no desire to stop completely. As I adjust to this new working situation I fully intend on finding a healthy work/life balance, and to set some time aside at least for some Nerdly Musings, if I haven’t got time for gaming. That being said, half term is coming up and so is October 30th, the release date of the new Call of Cthulhu game. You best believe I’m buttering that muffin.

So I’m still around. I still have the burning fire of creativity within me. Though I currently have to ration the amount of kindling I feed it, and may have to for the near future, I’ve no intention of letting it die. It’ll just be a small flame….for now.

14 thoughts on “Nerdly Musing – 12: I should explain…

  1. Yeah teacher training is HARD. I had similar hours when I was doing my ITT so you’re certainly not alone in it. I will say it gets easier as you gain experience as you can pull a lesson out of the bag at a moment’s notice. Physics teachers are like gold dust over here too, so you’re pretty much guaranteed the job you want for life! Don’t feel bad for putting life first!

    Having said that, I’m super excited for the Call of Cthulhu remake too.


    1. Thanks man! Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has just said it’s hell for the first year or two, then it becomes more relaxed and fun. Just feels like a long way off! Lol…thanks for the support, really appreciate it 😁

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      1. That’s about right. It’s very hard work but it’s incredible if and when you get the kids on side. I could go and get another job that pays more, but I like this one a lot.

        Also holidays…


  2. That’s such a cool passion to have! It certainly sounds like the process of getting there is difficult, but if this is what you feel driven to do then it will likely be worthwhile in the end. And while it’s a bummer for your blog to get less focus, it sounds like all of your priorities are street. Do what you need to do and we’ll all still be here when you have time to write again!


  3. I’m going through the same thing, works taken a turn for the worse and with things like weekend work, I’ve also not been able to get new stuff on the blog. It comes and goes and most people go through these dry spells and bounce back.


  4. What a fab thing to choose to do! I’m sure that you’ll get into a good work/life balance pattern after a while, and that what you’re going through now will be worth it in the end.

    Good luck, and I hope you get a bit of time to enjoy Call of Cthulhu 🙂


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